Technician Katya

A new character in the servachok universe. He works in the service department of a company engaged in the maintenance of robots. She is neat and loves her job. Prior to that, she worked at NekoCorp in the technical support department. She does not really like their development and therefore left.


Girl robot Sasha

Likes to violate all user instructions. Often it broke because of this. The firmware update has now passed and can run a self-test. But not always does it. Sometimes he tastes some coffee. Assembled at the factory of a subsidiary of Penguin Corporation.


Elf Anya

A yellow-haired girl who is studying at a magical university. Sometimes it is difficult to give new magic spells. Accidentally summoned the lord of demons.


Cat-girl Sonya

Hyperactive cat-girl, not worried about her clothes and loves fish very much. It is the result of genetic engineering by NekoCorp Corporation. Now lives with Dr. Azusa.


Carpenter Tanya

Not at all like a carpenter, and she is often told this. He loves to build greenhouses and other structures on his country house. Often wears a patch because it scratches a lot at work.

Note by the author

Information about the characters is updated with the release of a new drawing. Also, in the event of a drawing with already existing characters, the information will also be updated.



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